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We offer services in Auditing, Accounting, Taxes, Financial Consulting and Company Constitution.

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About Us

ACL is a leading company in the Financial Audit services market, accounting, tax and corporate advice, providing personalized assistance through qualified professionals for the continuous growth of our clients.

We offer services of External audit and internal, accounting outsourcing, accounting restructuring, special exams, tax consulting, corporate reviews, mergers of companies, diagnosis and preparation of financial statements under IFRS's.

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Looking for an expert financial consultant?

ACL is your solution. We offer coordinated, efficient, timely advice and with the best cost-benefit in the market.

Our Main Advantage

It relates to the extensive experience we have developed assisting clients in public public, private and multinationals sectors.

We use a global network of professionals with experience and knowledge of each industry in order to obtain a clear understanding of each business, with the aim of building trust and delivering added value to our clients in each service provided.

We work together with our clients to contribute ideas of  continuous improvement, taking advantage of our combined knowledge in the financial, accounting, tax and corporate areas in order to benefit  the areas that maintain the companies of our clients.


National Registry of External Auditors.

Superintendency of Companies, Securities and Insurance.

Deadline for Presentation of Financial Statements



We offer you internal and external audit services.


We offer you a useful tool for decision-making based on compliance with the stipulations and accounting standards in force in the Republic of Ecuador.


We offer a quality service focused on supporting organizations to correctly and timely comply with their tax obligations.


Services focused on satisfying the specific needs of our clients.

Constitution of Companies

We incorporate companies in accordance with the appropriate legal structure.

ACL is an experienced organisation! Great cutomer support from beginning to end of the process. Their team is very knowledgeable and go the extra mile at every stage. I would recommend them unreservedly.
Jose Pena
Jose Pena
Son una empresa Auditora muy seria con una trayectoria y equipo de trabajo de alto nivel, la misma que permite desarollar nuevas habilidades que aportan con el crecimiento de sus clientes.
Ronald Rodrigo Pardo Tomalo
Ronald Rodrigo Pardo Tomalo
Cuenta con profesionales con gran experiencia en el área de auditoría contable, societario y tributario... brinda un servicio de calidad en el mejor tiempo..
Clarita Criollo
Clarita Criollo
Servicio de calidad y calidez. Es una firma que cuenta con profesionales de alto nivel y gran experiencia que combina juventud y experiencia. Lo recomiendo.
Edison Diaz
Edison Diaz
Un servicio profesional en tiempo y forma. Su personal muy atento. Recomendado.
Katia Rolon
Katia Rolon

Some of our Clients:

Looking for an expert financial consultant?

ACL is your solution. We offer coordinated, efficient, timely advice and with the best cost-benefit in the market.